We have a variety of non-armored and armored cables with different sizes and kinds. We also provide special services to supply tailor-made electrical materials to suite our customers needs and satisfaction High tension transformers is not left out in our list. All high tension and over-head gadgets and materials are fully available for sales and supplies

About Ify-Darl International

Since 2009, we have provided the best electrical products to our Clients.

Welcome to Ify-Darl International Limited, formerly known as Darlington Metals & Co. Established over 15 years ago by the visionary entrepreneur, Mr. Darlington Okon Ebri, our company has undergone a transformation in 2020, leading to its re-registration as Ify-Darl International Limited. This change was prompted by the untimely demise of our esteemed founder.


Building upon the legacy set by Mr. Darlington Okon Ebri, Ify-Darl International Limited continues to uphold the principles of integrity, excellence, and sustainability in the buying and selling of metals and non-metallic scraps. Imports, sales and procurement of all relevant electronic and electrical parts and materials. Over the past 15 years, our commitment to quality service and responsible business practices has been the cornerstone of our operations.

Join Us in Making a Difference

As a leading player in the scrap metal recycling and electrical products sector, Ify-Darl International Limited is committed to providing high-quality service and products. Our scrap metal collection services are tailored to meet the needs of our clients, ensuring efficient and environmentally friendly disposal of scrap materials. We also offer a wide range of electrical supplies, including electrical equipment, components, and industrial electrical products, sourced from reputable manufacturers.

Our Commitment to Sustainability and Quality

To redefine sustainability and resource efficiency in scrap and recycling industries, electrical and electrical supply activities. We aspire to be a global leader in the responsible trading of recyclable materials, wholesale supplies of electronic and electrical materials, import and export of all electrical relevance in order to trigger commitment towards fostering a healthy circular economy.

Services We Offer

As a leading scrap metal dealer in Lagos, Nigeria, providing various cutting-edge services, we pride ourselves on delivering solutions that redefine industry standards. Our diverse range of services is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of our clients, ensuring unparalleled quality and satisfaction.

Processing & Recycling Of Scrap Metals

The focus here is on transforming scrap into valuable resources through meticulous processing methods.

Collection of Scrap Materials and Recycling

Our primary emphasis is on converting discarded materials into valuable resources using meticulous processing techniques. We actively advocate for and market our recycled products. Recognized as an accredited LASEPA E-WASTE collector by the Lagos State Government, we are fully dedicated to collecting and recycling various types of scrap materials nationwide in compliance with legal regulations. guidelines of the country.


We facilitate the procurement of recycled resources and all electrical and electronic business activities.


We don’t only provides raw materials but also manufactures products from recycled materials.

Branding & Designing

We offer services related to the designing and packaging of scrap materials or products derived from recycled resources.

Importation & Exportation

We specialize in importing a variety of electronic and electrical materials, actively contributing to the global effort towards responsible waste management. We exclusively collect and supply these materials to Chinese companies, supporting their local recycling initiatives.

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Our Products

We have an array of different quality products sourced from the best brands to meet your electrical needs.

Our Certificates & Accolades

Our success and experience in this sector is quite evident in our trophy cabinet